Smart Solutions

The world is racing at breakneck speed, and businesses have to keep up with technology, social media, and changing social norms. Charlene targets Smart Solutions to many of today’s small and medium size business challenges. Working with a team of […]

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Grow YOUR Biz

Teamwork makes the dream work. Grow your business by inviting Charlene “Shock” Shockley onto your team. Benefit from her high level local social engagement and rainmaking skills. Leverage the broad platform of business and personal supportive services and experts who […]

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Charlene C. Shockley is a real estate agent and business consultant with a heart … and a passion for helping others achieve the success of their dreams. Her greatest gift is her ability to connect people and serve as a […]

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As a Member of the Board of Directors for Orchard Human Services, Inc., I take my work in the nonprofit and philanthropic world very seriously. To promote nonprofits in their efforts to get their message out, notify the public about […]

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Latest Blog

Charlene Shockley Mediates New Nonprofit Social Media Guild

Orchard's Nonprofit Social Media Guild will help philanthropic and nonprofit organizations build up their social media and online presence like adding squares to a quilt. LIke JFK said, the rising tide lifts all boats. So, too, shall the nonprofit community come together to share social media strategies, likes, links, and shares to promote success for the entire nonprofit and giving community. Visit

Check out what the Shock is up to now. A member of the board of directors for the nonprofit Orchard Human Services, she has offered to help mediate a new social media guild to support philanthropic and nonprofit organizations around […]

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Success “Shock”

Target business success with Biz Consultant Charlene "Shock" Shockley.

Imagine that your biggest problem in business is that you are shocked and overwhelmed by your success. What a problem that would be!!!¬†Success Coach and Business Consultant Charlene “Shock” Shockley wants to help YOU be in just that situation. Shock’s […]

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