Smart Solutions

Charlene "Shock" Shockley will help you target the right audience to promote bottom line profits.The world is racing at breakneck speed, and businesses have to keep up with technology, social media, and changing social norms. Charlene targets Smart Solutions to many of today’s small and medium size business challenges. Working with a team of dedicated professionals, ranging from tax and accounting to social media and mental health professionals, CharleneĀ can help you position your business where you need to be.



Areas of specialization represented by Charlene Shockley’s consultative and collaborative team:

  • Real Estate Listing, Showing, Appraisal – Commercial and Residential
  • Social Media Marketing and Promotions
  • Social Networking and Marketing Presence and Support
  • CPA, Tax and Accounting Services
  • Nonprofit Setup, Accounting, Auditing, Administration, Technical Support
  • Clinical Mental Health Services
  • Psychology and Child Development Consultation
  • Special Education Advocacy and Consultation
  • Book Publishing and Promotions
  • Manage Local and Online Workshops, Classes, Training Sessions
  • Website, SEO, Analytics, Social Media Integration
  • Internet Radio


Charlene Shockley ... Shock Your Way To Success

Shock your way to Success with Charlene Shockley, Biz Consultant